One Day – Four Games – $310

Peterborough City Festival for Girls

U9 and U11 Divisions – Saturday June 1, 2024
U10 and U12 Divisions – Sunday June 2, 2024

Application deadline: 18 May, 2024 at 6 p.m.
Eligibility: Inter-District

Peterborough City Festival for Boys

U9 and U11 Divisions – Saturday June 15, 2024
U10 and U12 Divisions – Sunday June 16, 2024

Application deadline: 1 June, 2024 at 6 p.m.
Eligibility: Inter-District

Teams that are U13 and older can participate in the Peterborough Challenge Tournament that takes place over the same two weekends.

Team Entry Form

How to Apply

  1. Complete the online Team Entry Form;
  2. Submit payment* by e-transfer to ;
  3. Submit your approved travel permit (ATF)**.

*Payment is due within 24 hours of submitting your application and no later than the deadline for registrations which is two weeks before the festival.

** Teams from outside the ECOSA District must submit an approved travel permit (ATF) by email in PDF format to festival@ pcsasoccer.com at least two weeks before the festival.
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Your travel permit must be approved by your club administrator and by your district administrator. You would have to prompt these two individuals that your ATF is pending approval because they are not informed automatically by the CTMS system. If you are having trouble, your club administrator/registrar should be able to help. We only ask that you send us a PDF copy of your ATF when it is approved.


Teams will play four quick games against four different opponents. This format will ensure maximum excitement and fun for all participants. The festival atmosphere will be further enhanced by the excitement generated at the Peterborough Challenge Tournament for older teams which is held at the same venues on the same day.

U9-U10 teams will play four games (7 vs 7);
U11-U12 teams will play four games games (9 vs 9).

All games will be 25 minutes long with no half-time. Coaches are required to give fair playing time to all players and ensure that no player exceeds the permitted maximum of 80 minutes per day.

The schedule will be posted on the Sunday before the festival.

Eligible Teams

The Peterborough City Festival is open to Girls and Boys Teams from U9 to U12. Mixed teams can play in the Boys Festival. U13 to U18 teams can apply for the Peterborough Challenge Tournament that is held on the same two weekends as the Peterborough Festival.

The Festival is classified as Inter-District which means that teams from anywhere within the Province of Ontario are eligible to apply. The Festival qualifies as a Memorable Event for U9 to U12 teams, which means that LTPD travel restrictions can be waived. All teams from outside the ECOSA district are required to submit a Travel Permit (ATF) approved by their District Association at least two weeks prior to the festival.

We welcome clubs to submit multiple teams in the same age division – we will ensure that the teams do not play against each other. Please indicate in the comments section of the application form whether the teams will be balanced or tiered. Due to scheduling constraints, it is possible that the teams will be scheduled to play at the same time on different fields. Therefore it is advisable to have a separate coach or team official available to manage each team.

Please Note

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the format of play due to unforeseen circumstances.

Festival Chair: Fevri Pazari (email: )

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