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Club Mailing Address
171A Rink St., Suite 114
Peterborough, ON.
K9J 2J6

Clubhouse Location
Eastgate Park
2150 Ashburnham Drive,
Peterborough, ON.

Board of Directors – 2024

Dan MoorePresident
The President shall preside at all general meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors. The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees, except any nominations committee; shall appoint all chairs of standing and special committees subject to ratification by the Board; coordinate all duties of the Board, committees, staff; and shall be the spokesperson for the Club.

Dan Moore
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Angela GaskellVice President
The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President and shall have other powers as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Angela Gaskell
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Richard BergmanSecretary
The Secretary records the Minutes of the meetings in the absence of the Administrator; assists in the preparation of the Team Manager’s binder; signs all certified copies of acts of the organization; reports at the monthly Board meetings and the AGM; monitors all paid appointed positions within the club; in the absence of the President and Vice-president, preside until the immediate election or appointment of a new presiding officer.

Richard Bergman
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Sonja PatelRegistrar
Collects and organizes all forms and fees from teams. Registers all players, coaches, managers, and board of directors with the club, ECOSA & OSA. Organizes the team’s player, team official books and rosters to begin the season. Controls all forms required by the Association, including Travel, Exhibition, and Temporary Permits. Issues tax receipts to players. Correspondence between teams, parents, players in regards to registration.

Sonja Patel
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Zac RogersTreasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Peterborough City Soccer Association and assuring that proper procedures are in place. On a monthly basis the Treasurer issues cheques to suppliers, team officials, technical staff, honorariums and others, as requested; reviews bank deposits; attends Board meetings; and provides monthly financial statements detailing the year to date financial position of the club. The Treasurer prepares all financial records and documentation for the audit in preparation for the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer works with the Finance Committee to assess the overall financial position and prepare the annual budget for approval by the club members.

Zac Rogers
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David O’NeillDirector of Development Teams (U7 - U12)
The Director of Development Teams is responsible for liaison between the Development (i.e. Grassroots) Teams (U7 – U12) and the Board of Directors. The Grassroots teams play in the Durham Region Development League (DRSA-LTTDP for U9 – U12) and in the ECOSA District league (U7 – U8). He/she attends (or ensures that an appropriate coach attends) all league meeting and relays relevant information to the club and to the team officials.

David O’Neill
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David BartlemanDirector of Youth Teams (U13 - U18)
The Director of Youth Teams is responsible for liaison between the Youth (U13 – U18) teams and the Board of Directors. The Youth teams play in the Central Region IModel League (IModel)) and in the Durham Region Soccer League (DRSL). He/she attends (or ensures that an appropriate coach attends) all league meeting and relays relevant information to the club and to the team officials.

David Bartleman
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Biren PatelDirector of Senior Teams (U21 and open age)
The Director of Senior Teams is responsible for liaison between the Senior teams, including U21 teams, and the Board of Directors. The Senior Men’s teams play in the Ontario Soccer League (OSL), while the Senior Women’s teams play in the Ontario Women’s Soccer League (OWSL). He/she attends (or ensures that an appropriate coach attends) all league meeting and relays relevant information to the club and to the team officials.

Biren Patel
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Blank Profile PictureDirector of Special Events
The Director of Special Events will help to develop the social side of the club by organizing events such as Family Fun Day, Match of the Month, Charity Fundraisers and other social events.

Gord McLaughlin
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Julia TearneEquipment Director
The Equipment Director is responsible for all equipment including clothing, balls, nets, flags, camp equipment, technical team equipment etc. Size, order and distribute all necessary player/ coach/ manager equipment in a timely manner so that teams are prepared for their upcoming season. Identify and assess prospective suppliers that will best support the PCSA. Communicate with executive members, coaches, managers, parents and suppliers.

Julia Tearne
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Leanne McLaughlinDirector of Fundraising/Promotions
The Director of Fundraising/Promotions is responsible for bringing public awareness to the sport and to the club in Peterborough and surrounding areas. The second role is to look after club-level sponsorships, field-side and website advertisements, as well as senior team sponsorships and other organizational agreements that may help offset club costs.

Leanne McLaughlin
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Appointed Positions

Fevri PazariAdministrator
The Administrator is responsible for organization, record keeping, communication and correspondence. He/she is the first point of contact with the club for all external persons and organizations.

Fevri Pazari
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Biren PatelDirector of Coaching
The Director of Coaching is responsible for recruitment, assessment and development of all coaching personnel in the organization including team coaches, technical coaches and academy coaches; schedules fall, winter, spring and in-season team training in accordance with the club calendar; acts as liaison between club and players/parents at tryouts.

Biren Patel
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Fevri PazariTournament Chair
Fevri Pazari
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Angela GaskellJulia TearneCanteen co-managers
Angela Gaskell and Julia Tearne
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Barry Graham
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