Joanne & Mark Hogan Award

Mark Hogan
Mark Hogan 1987 – 1999

The Joanne and Mark Hogan Award was established by the Peterborough City Soccer Association to commemorate the memory Mark Hogan, a former City player who died tragically as a result of a car accident in November 1999 along with his mother Joanne. Mark was an accomplished soccer player and team captain at 12 years of age and Joanne was a very active volunteer in the soccer community.

In the year 2000, the south field at Eastgate Park was renamed the Hogan Pitch in memory of Joanne and Mark. As a further sign of respect, Mark’s number-13 jersey was permanently retired from the Peterborough City U12 (1987) Boys team and is displayed in the clubhouse.

Award Description

The Joanne and Mark Hogan Award is presented annually to one male and one female Peterborough City youth player “best representing skill in soccer, commitment to the game, team and club and team leadership”. The presentations will be made at a suitable club function.

Guidelines for Submission

Any Peterborough City youth player can be nominated for this award by a member of the Board, the coaching staff, or their peers. Nomination letters should be submitted to the club Administrator who will forward them to the Awards Committee. The nomination should include the following details about the candidate:

  • Playing history with PCSA and elsewhere;
  •  Evidence of sportsmanship, leadership and volunteerism;
  • Evidence of dedication and loyalty to their team and to their club;
  • Evidence of good conduct, maturity and positive support for others.

The deadline for submissions is August 1 each year. Please send in your nomination by email to PCSA Administrator.

Hogan Award Recipients

Rowyn Lichter (2022)
Spencer VanEngelen (2022)
Claire Hamilton (2021)
Lillian Bleecker (2020)
Eden Hazeldine (2019)
Violet Hipkin (2018)
Curtis D’Souza (2018)
Jordan Foss-Mills (2017)
Emily Banika (2016)
Curtis D’Souza (2016)
Lucy Driscoll (2015)
Jairam Patel(2015)
Folu Adesanya (2014)
Michela Montgomery (2013)
Sarah Mandarano (2009)
Danny Atkinson (2009)
Katlyn Elliot (2008)
Connor Bolton (2008)
Natalie Selkirk (2007)
Joey Penello (2007)
Terri-Lynn Willemsen (2006)
Corey Fisico (2006)
Michelle O’Brien (2005)
Daniel Fisico (2005)
Liza Lazure (2004)
Bill Curtis (2004)
Emily Dunford (2003)
Matt Penello (2003)
Chelsea Hale (2002)
Jeff Graham (2002)
Christine Blodgett (2001)
David Sevigny (2001)
Alexandra Wilkins (2000)
Nick Green (2000)

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