All teams must register at the PCSA Clubhouse, Eastgate Park, 2150 Ashburnham Drive, on Thursday between 5 pm and 8 pm, on Friday between 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm or in the morning at least 90 minutes prior to your first game from 7 am onward. Registration will not be accepted at the field. Players are not required to attend the registration, however your Ontario Soccer Team Roster Report with photos must be available at all games upon request throughout the tournament.

The following documents must be presented at registration:

  1. A District validated Ontario Soccer team roster showing each player’s and team official’s registration identification and photo,
    A District validated Ontario Soccer team roster without photos plus District approved player and team official ID (this will be either Player/Coach books or plastic cards with photos).
  2. Peterborough City Tournament Master Roster (2 copies). Right-click to download template as PDF or EXCEL.
  3. Tournament/Festival Game sheets (1 per game, 5 in total for tournament, 4 in total for festival).
    Right-click to download template as PDF or EXCEL.
    You will give one game sheet to the referee at each game. Player names, shirt number and SEOS number must be provided. Please fill in all game details in advance using the information on the schedule.

You will save yourself considerable time at registration if you have the required number of all the required documents ready to present, your players listed on the game sheets in the same order as you rosters and your players books (if you are still using these) arranged in the order that they appear on your Tournament Master Roster.

For any call ups/guests being used (U13 and up), the OS approved stamped roster showing the player name and photo, team registered with and the player’s card/book (if still using these) must be presented.

For any club that has approval of call ups to a U12 or under team, proof of district approval is required along with the roster and player ID from the team that player is registered on.

If you are including an AP player you will need to bring the district approved roster for the “team” that they are registered with, which must include the player’s photo.

A player who is registered on a U12 team or below may not be called up to a U13 or older team.

Failure to present the correct documentation at registration could result in your player(s) / team not being able to participate.

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