What If There Was No Referee?

Without the referee there would be no game. Yet we are inclined to take them for granted, ignore them when they do a good job but let them know every time they make a mistake, and neglect to thank them when the game is over. Not any more.

We are facing a critical shortage of referees, or game officials as they are properly called, both locally and across the province. There is a real chance that games might be cancelled this summer because there are not sufficient referees to cover all the games. Games that do get played might see one or two officials in charge where there would normally be three, which will make their job even tougher.

Ontario Soccer has launched an awareness campaign for players and parents to manage expectations during the 2022 season and to encourage participants and spectators to be more appreciative of the “third team”. To that end, Ontario Soccer will pursue a Zero Tolerance policy in relation to Match Official Abuse. We are asking for your support in creating the most positive experience on the field for the players, coaches and match officials in 2022.

Occasionally, a volunteer parent, coach or player might be asked to step into the role of an Assistant Referee (line person) in a game. The following guide would be helpful in such cases.

If you are interested in becoming a soccer referee please visit our Referees page.

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