PYSC Referee Game Confirmation

Peterborough Youth Soccer Club

Referee Game Confirmation
(July 26 to August 10)

Please use this form to confirm your game offer(s) from July 29 to August 10. You must confirm your game(s) before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 28.

You will need to confirm your availability separately for each week. For example, if you received a game offer for each of the next 2 weeks then you will submit the confirmation form 2 times, each time specifying the week in the drop down box.

Please note that this form should be used only to confirm game offers from the Peterborough Youth Soccer Club. If you received a game offer from a different club or from the Peterborough Referee Branch Scheduler then you must follow the confirmation procedure used by the other club.

If for some reason you wish to decline your game offer then, instead of using this form, you must email the PYSC Head Referee directly with an explanation.

Select week:

Referee's Name:

Check off the boxes for all the days for which you wish to confirm your game offer(s) during the specified week:


Special Olympics:
Saturday (August 10).

Your confirmation cannot be sent until you submit your availability and receive a game offer. The next opportunity to submit your availability is Friday, July 26.

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