PYSC Referee Availability for AWT

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Referee Availability for AWT

Please use this form if you are available and interested in refereeing for PYSC at the Ron Thompson All Winners Tournament (AWT) on Saturday June 8. If you are available, and only if you are, submit your availability on Tuesday, June 4 between 12 a.m. (midnight) and 6 p.m..

Complete details about the role and responsibilities of a referee at PYSC can be found at the Referee’s Corner on the PYSC website.

Please note: If you submit your availability early (before midnight) or late (after 6 p.m.) on Tuesday, it will not be considered.

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    Confirm today is Tuesday, June 4 before 6 p.m. (or the head ref has requested your availability after the deadline due to a shortage of referees).

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