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Please note: All enquiries regarding the Soccer Academy should be directed to the Academy Manager at .

PCSA Soccer Academy – Head Coach Gergin Naoumov

The Peterborough City Soccer Association recognizes that exceptional athletes who exhibit the aptitude and the commitment to play at the provincial, national, college, university and professional levels will require additional preparation to achieve their goals. The Peterborough City Soccer Academy is intended to fulfill that role.

PCSA operates a popular and highly successful Long Term Development Program for non-competitive age groups (6 to 11 year-olds). The club also provides development of players 12 years and up on Peterborough City Rep teams through certified team coaches and technical staff coaches under the direction of the club Technical Director. For most players, this level of training will provide a solid platform for lifelong enjoyment of the sport of soccer. The PCSA Academy provides an opportunity for those who want to take their game to an even higher level.

The purpose of the Academy is to provide high level training and exposure to soccer players in the greater Peterborough area who have demonstrated above average athleticism, skill and commitment to the game. Through the academy program, the players will have the opportunity to reach their full potential through advanced conditioning, skills and tactical development as well as through high caliber exhibition games and showcase tournaments. They will be encouraged to pursue opportunities through the sport commensurate with their ultimate education and career goals.

The Academy is a standards based player-centered program. There are no fixed Academy teams, although ad hoc teams may be created to participate in tournaments, exhibition games and indoor leagues. Academy players would typically also register and play on a rep team, either at PCSA or elsewhere. The Academy training schedule is arranged to create minimal interference with the PCSA rep program.

Saturday October 5, 2013

PCSA Soccer Academy Opening Day

Mission Statement

To identify exceptional players and provide them with the high-level training and support needed to play at an elite level while retaining the identified players within the club.


The Academy is a branch of the Peterborough City Soccer Association. The academy program adds a layer of training and guidance on top of the player’s regular soccer program. The members participate fully in all aspects of training and games with their rep team. In addition, the academy program provides the opportunity to achieve a higher level of excellence through advanced conditioning and skills as well as exhibition, showcase and international matches.

Identification Process

The Academy program is offered to players in the U11 to U18 age levels. Players are identified through an ongoing process by the Academy coaches in consultation with the individual team coaches. The players are selected based on performance and willingness to commit to the Academy program.

A younger player (U10) can request permission to join the U11 Academy division which would only be granted in rare exceptional cases following an evaluation by the Academy coaching staff.

Open orientation sessions (free and without obligation) are held in August, along with parent information meetings.


The Academy operates from October until March of the following year. Registration fees are paid in two installments, the first in October and the second in January.

Enquiries regarding the Soccer Academy should be directed to the Academy Manager at .

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