The Peterborough City Soccer Association is proud of the proficiency, motivation and dedication of its Club Technical Coaches as well as the individual volunteer Division/Team Coaches and Managers. The coaches operate under the direction of the Director of Coaching (DOC). Please contact the DOC with any questions related to coaching.

Decisions about whether or not to form a second team in an age division and additional coaching appointments as necessary will be made after the tryouts, based on the number of players and other factors. In the event that a second team is formed, all players will remain under the direction of the appointed head coach and both teams will train together until a coach for the second team is confirmed.

The 2020 technical coaches and team head coaches for each age division are listed in the following tables.

Technical Coaches 2020

U6/U7/U8 Boys and Girls Leanne McLaughlin
Dan Moore
U9-U18 Boys and Girls Sam Barratt
Dave Di Bella
Bruce Rowe
Goalkeeping Sam Barratt
Jamie Muckle
Academy Gergin Naoumov

Team Head Coaches 2020

U6/U7 Mixed Dan Moore/Leanne McLaughlin
U8 Girls Dan Moore/Leanne McLaughlin
U8 Boys Dan Moore/Leanne McLaughlin
U9 Girls Stuart Edge
U9 Boys Scott Cockburn
U10 Girls Matt Strano
U10 Boys Dave O’Neill
U11 Girls Dave Bartleman
U11 Boys Vic Waselenko
U12 Girls Richard Bergmann
U12 Boys Sam Barratt
U13 Girls Anne Clark
U13 Boys Vic Waselenko
U14 Girls Angela Gaskell
U14 Boys Chris Entwhistle
U15 Girls Blue Scott Cockburn
U15 Girls White Jason Showers
U15 Boys Shaun Watmough
U16 Boys Franco Turnone
U17 Girls Gergin Naoumov
U18 Girls Mark McGillan
U21 Women Mike Everson
U21 Men Biren Patel
Senior Men Biren Patel

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