2019 Annual General Meeting

The Peterborough City Soccer Association held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday December 7, 2019 at the Marv Buchan Soccer Centre in Eastgate Memorial Park.


Several reports presented at the meeting are available for viewing below.

  1. President’s Report (no report, position vacant since September 24)
  2. Administrator/Secretary Report
  3. Registrar’s Report
  4. Director of Equipment
  5. Director of Fundraising/Promotions
  6. Director of Coaching
  7. Review of Competitive Teams
  8. Review of Academy
  9. Tournaments and Festivals
  10. Summer Camp (no report)
  11. Awards (no report)
  12. Auditor’s Report (available to members on request)
  13. Treasurer’s Report (available to members on request)


The result of the election for the 2020 Board of Directors was as follows:

  • President: Dan Moore (acclaimed)
  • Vice-President: Leanne McLaughlin (acclaimed)
  • Secretary: Fevri Pazari (acclaimed)
  • Treasurer: Dale Bolton (mid-term)
  • Registrar: Sonja Patel (acclaimed)
  • Director of Development Teams: Jen Crawford (acclaimed)
  • Director of Youth Teams: Vacant
  • Director of Senior Teams: Biren Patel (acclaimed)
  • Director of Equipment: Chris Entwistle (elected)
  • Fundraising / Promotions: Todd Barr (acclaimed)
  • Director of Special Events: Leah Scott (acclaimed)

Amendments to PCSA Constitution

Click here for full text – PCSA Constitution & By-Laws – approved amendments

The proposed amendments were approved by the general membership by the required two-thirds majority at the AGM. The amendments are as follows:

Article 5 Board of Directors

Amendment 1. All positions will be for a term of two years elected in alternating odd/even years.

Rationale: Similar to other clubs, this will provide more stability and better continuity from year to year.

Amendment 2. Nominations must be submitted 14 days before the AGM. If fewer than two valid nominations are received before the deadline then nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Rationale: This change will allow improvements in transparency and promotion of platforms from people running for positions, especially in leadership posts.

Article 6 Meetings

Amendment 3. Establishes the principle of 1 vote per team. Grants voting rights to next year’s teams, not last year’s teams and clarifies who is entitled to cast a vote on behalf of the team.

Rationale: Removes an inconsistency with Article 4. Identifies which year’s teams and coaches are entitled to vote.

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