2013 Annual General Meeting

The Peterborough City Soccer Association held its Annual General Meeting on December 7, 2013. Several of the reports about club activities during the past year are available for viewing below.

  1. President’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  3. Registrar’s Report
  4. Administrator/Tournament Chair’s Report
  5. Director of Coaching Report
  6. Equipment Director’s Report
  7. Fundraising/Promotion Report
  8. Senior Rep’s Report
  9. CSL Rep’s Report
  10. CGSL Rep’s Report
  11. Canteen Report (available on request)
  12. Auditor’s Report (available on request)
  13. Treasurer’s Report (available on request)


The result of the elections for the 2014 Board of Direstors was as follows:

  • President: Bruce Rowe (mid-term)
  • Vice-President: Roger Jenkins (acclaimed)
  • Secretary: Michael Everson (acclaimed)
  • Treasurer: Dale Bolton (mid-term)
  • Leagues Representative: Barry Graham (elected)
  • Fundraising / Promotions: Matt Brown (acclaimed)
  • Director of Facilities: Geoff Heale (acclaimed)
  • Director of Equipment: Shari Hazeldine (acclaimed)
  • Registrar: Nicole White (acclaimed)

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