Festival Schedule

Peterborough City Festival for Boys – 16/17 June 2018

Parking Alert

If you park illegally at Beavermead Park you will get a $30 ticket from the City parking officer, that includes the grass verges around the perimeter of the parking lot. 57 tickets were issued last week. When the small lot at Beavermead is full please use one of the alternative Parking areas. It is only a short walk from there to Beavermead.

Please be courteous with our young volunteer parking attendants. They are not trying to harass you, they are trying to prevent you from getting a ticket.

Suggestion: If you have a game at Eastgate followed by a game at Beavermead just walk across, it’s not far. We would rather that you spend the $30 at the canteen.

Boys Festival Schedule (click to open)

Schedule posted: Sunday, June 10 at 2:30 p.m.

Changes to date: None

The Peterborough City Soccer Association extends a warm welcome to all participants of the 7th annual Peterborough Festival. We hope your stay here will be a pleasant one and we can assure you that there is a hardworking team of volunteers preparing to do all that we can to ensure that the festival is a success. There are 41 teams registered in the four age divisions for the Boys Festival.

Please check back here frequently because it is an unfortunate reality that schedules can change right up to kick-off time due to circumstances beyond our control.

It is the policy of the club that no avoidable changes will be made to the schedule after it is published, out of respect to all the teams who have made travel arrangements, therefore please do not make any special requests.

After reviewing the schedule be sure to check the Team Registration requirements.


The tournament will be played at Eastgate Park (U11 and U12) and at nearby Beavermead Park (U9 and U10). Click on Field Locations on the menu on the left of the screen to display a city field location map. A city field map is also included with the schedule.


Ample free parking is available in the main parking lot on Ashburnham Drive (east side of street just south of Eastgate Park), in the overflow grass area directly across the street from Eastgate #1, and in the parking lot at Beavermead Park. Do not drive into the Beavermead campgrounds unless you have a camping permit. If the parking lot at Beavermead is full then please park in the bigger Ashburnham Drive lot or in one of the overflow lots.

Please check all signs before you park. In particular, please do not park on the grass verges adjacent to the Beavermead parking lot. This is the fire/ambulance access route to the campground and the playing fields and must be kept clear at all times. The City of Peterborough actively tickets this area.

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Check out our Visitor Information page.

Enjoy the Festival!