U6-U7 Development Program


Registration in the U6-U7 development program for children who were born in 2011 or 2012 remains open at this time. There are no tryouts or prerequisites since everyone at this age can benefit from these programs. You can register directly on PowerUp or you can contact coach Leanne McLaughlin if you would like more information about the program.

Registration Fees

About the Program

It is the goal of the PCSA Development Program to accept every player with the desire and the commitment, subject to maintaining an appropriate coach to player ratio. The number of players that can be accepted into the program is only limited by the number of available coaches.

The PCSA U6-U7 Development Program is designed for young players at the FUNdamental stage of Long Term Player Development. The program teaches a broad range of soccer techniques, soccer coordination and general movement skills through a variety of fun activities and small-sided games in a safe, stimulating and engaging environment. We recognize that agility, balance and coordination (the ABC’s) are essential foundation skills that all good soccer players (and all athletes) have in common.

The program takes a holistic approach to developing our youth. Each game and activity will focus on 4 main areas of the child’s development; these include physical, technical, social/emotional and physiological.

You can view a presentation by U6-U7 Head Technical Coach Leanne McLaughlin containing general information about the program at this link.

PCSA U6-U7 Development Program at Eastgate Park